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Our dynamic one-to-one program supports adult learners in the community by pairing them up with volunteer literacy tutors. To become a tutor, contact us and we will provide you with information about upcoming virtual tutor-training sessions. Our 5-part tutor-training program is designed and facilitated by community literacy workers in the West End of Toronto. The tutor-training program is 12 hours in total.

Our program is both mandatory and free, and we operate on anti-oppression principles. Together with the WestTO Literacy Collaborative, we regularly update and format the modules to provide prospective tutors with information and context for working with adult learners in community education.

We present various modules focused on the following:


  • anti-oppression training

  • learner-centred facilitation styles

  • clear language and design (CLAD)

  • self-care/community care

Once you’ve completed the training session, you’ll be ready to work with a learner from our program! We match tutors and learners together based on mutual interests and personal time schedules.

The volunteer position requires a 2-hour time commitment per week for a minimum of 6 months. Tutoring sessions are held onsite, and we provide all resources including computers. You can work together longer if you choose, but that is our initial required commitment from both the tutor and learner.

Various activities tutor-learner pairs have achieved together:


  • post-secondary preparation

  • high school credits in math and English

  • computer and digital literacy skills

  • driver’s license

  • trades math

  • essay writing

  • basic grammar and writing skills

  • English-language learning

Become a volunteer tutor with us! You’ll be able to share your knowledge and help another adult in our community by developing theirs.


Contact Jason at to find out more about our next training.


"We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society"

Angela Davis

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