We asked learners why the literacy program is important to them. This is what they said:

“Coming to APNLC has helped me to learn how to relate with different people from different backgrounds and culture.” - Catherine

“I like that I can take things slow and go at my own pace.” - Pious

“When I first started at APNLC I could only write my name. Since I have been attending the adult literacy program I have grown more confident in myself.” - Miller

“Today I can read out loud in front of everyone and get through it.
If I make a mistake, it is okay. I just keep trying and do not
give up.”
- Florence

“Literacy is important in my life because it has made me a better reader, an awesome speller, and I’m learning new things as the days go on during my time in class and in my personal life.” - Dwayne

“When I started...I never asked for help in any situation...however, it wasn’t long before I realized I need to come out of my shell and ask for help...things took off from there. I started asking questions and I was able to find the answers, I started doing presentations, I developed new skills. I have met some amazing people and developed lifetime friends. I am not afraid of failure anymore because I have confidence.” - Rachael

“It helps me release my emotions. It helps me gain confidence and it makes me believe in myself.” - Nadia

“I am meeting some new people who are very positive in my life. The school has a very good impact on my life: now I am making my dreams come true.” - Nashaline

“It is important to me to effectively connect, interpret and discern the world in which we live.” - Cecilia

“Coming to APNLC has been a great experience for me in many ways. The experience I have gained from coming to the program has been life changing. The growth that I have achieved has taught me to take many steps, steps that will help me outside my comfort zone.” - Dean

“Literacy goes beyond the ‘typical’ reading and writing. Literacy to me also involves physically touching something, learning from nature, using my imagination...learning of cultural and non-cultural beliefs and even math. Discussions go beyond the classroom including work places and social media; therefore, literacy is important in my life for everyday living.” - Melissa